Thanks from Fort Mac

2019-02-11T16:17:25-04:00December 1st, 2016|Categories: Letters|

On behalf of Faith Presbyterian Church, Fort McMurray, Alta., I would like to pass on our appreciation and thank-yous for the articles you wrote about Faith Church and Fort McMurray in the September and October issues of the Presbyterian Record. We all enjoyed reading them and also enjoyed your visit [...]

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Say It Ain’t So…

2019-02-13T10:43:04-04:00December 1st, 2016|Categories: Letters|

I'm still in shock. I just read about your ‘death’ moments ago in the newest Faith Today magazine. Your demise is a sad reflection on the state of magazines—even denominational magazines. Maybe the PCC wants to buy it back for a dollar and keep it going with some hard Presbyterians [...]

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Say It Ain’t So…

2019-02-13T11:20:27-04:00December 1st, 2016|Categories: Letters|

A group of us from St. Andrew’s, Saskatoon, were discussing that the Presbyterian Record will no longer be after this year. We are dismayed to lose such an outstanding publication. As our denomination continues to shrink, the magazine has performed an important role in keeping us in touch nationally. It [...]

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