Called to Serve

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My “church” is not composed of a typical congregation. Rather, it is comprised of a multitude of faiths: agnostic, atheist, Buddhist, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Sikh, and more. It is in this multi-faith, pluralistic environment that I live out my calling as a Christian chaplain.

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Summer at St. Mark’s

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Summertime is usually a slower time in congregational life. But this summer was very busy for St. Mark's, Don Mills, Toronto. The congregation initiated and now runs ecumenically a full summer day camp called Footprints ( The camp welcomes 50 children (aged six to 13) and Leaders in Training [...]

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Spiritual Care Visitation

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As people with physical ailments lose connections with familiar activities, places and people, feelings of isolation coupled with debilitating illness may affect their wellbeing, self esteem and even their judgement. With the loss of customary sources of happiness, life becomes a search for meaning.

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