Unbinding the Gospel

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Unbidning the GospelBased on a four-year study into effective evangelism funded by the Lilly Endowment, the Unbinding the Gospel Series presents the most effective ways to help mainline congregations renew their witness, mission, and spiritual lives together.

The four books in this series: Unbinding the Gospel, Unbinding Your Heart, Unbinding Your Church, and Unbinding Your Soul give churches an intensive, lively and faithful path to follow.

Canadian Ministries has complete sets of the Unbinding the Gospel Series to present to eight congregations that are ready to work through the series in a program of supportive dialogue and encouraging partnership with the other participating congregations.

To participate in this series, complete a brief online application form. For more information, email Canadian Ministries.

The participating congregations will each receive one complete copy of the Unbinding the Gospel Series. Through conference calls, Skype meetings, and electronic communication congregations will support, encourage and learn with one another.

To learn more about the Unbinding the Gospel Series, visit unbindingthegospel.com.