Forest fires, floods, droughts, severe storms, deforestation, pollution. Across Canada, and the world, people face the terrible impacts of ecological destruction and the climate crisis.

Specific impacts can vary widely by season and region. Some communities are more vulnerable than others. No matter how different people are impacted by environmental destruction or the climate crisis, these experiences can cause high levels of anxiety for everyone. How can we cope, body, mind and spirit? What are faithful responses to eco-anxiety?

Join the Rev. Dr. Pamela McCarroll and Rev. Konnie Vissers on Thursday, November 30, 2023 at 1:00-2:30PM (EST) to explore some of these questions.

Rev. Dr. Pamela McCarroll

Rev. Dr. Pamela McCarroll is Vice Principal and Jane and Geoffrey Chair of Practical Theology at Emmanuel College. She is an ordained minister in the PCC, registered with the CRPO and recognized by CASC. Her primary research focus includes climate trauma, eco-anxiety and re-imagining theology through earth-centered practices.

Rev. Konnie Vissers

The Rev. Konnie Vissers is a minister in the PCC currently working on her PhD in Practical Theology. She has previously served in three local congregations, and as Clerk of the Presbytery of Hamilton. Konnie enjoys being outdoors with her husband, two daughters, and dog; and she started "The Children's Garden Collective," to promote food security, environmental education, and spirituality through the act of urban gardening in Hamilton. She is currently researching how gardening utilized by congregations as a spiritual practice bolsters resilience in children who face eco-anxiety.