“Behold, I stand at the door and knock.”
—Revelation 3:20

Jesus stands at the door and knocks. Sometimes, Jesus waits patiently outside the doors of our churches, our homes and our hearts in the hope of being welcomed in. At the same time, Jesus stands at the door and knocks in the hope that we will come from our meeting tables, from behind the doors of our homes and sanctuaries, to follow him, to participate in God’s mission in the world and to join the banquet God is throwing for the world that God loves.

In the ancient world of the Bible, doorways represent the threshold where this world meets the next—where present realities and future possibilities, old ways of being and new life, what is and what could be, and our plans and God’s purposes converge.

Thresholds are exciting and filled with potential. But times of transition are also times of disorientation and uncertainty. We know a lot about uncertainty: the experience of congregations and denominations in the last few decades has been marked by great change, even as we have met many challenges.

The national church is looking for high-resolution photos of doors, entrances and gates to use on bulletin covers and showcase in the newspaper and the 2024 edition of the PCC Wall Calendar.

We invite you to send us any images from the lives of the church’s ministries or people that represent crossings, meeting places and opportunities for renewal and change.

Click on the link below to send in your photos. If you’d like your photos to be considered for next year’s wall calendar, please send in your photos as early as possible.

Call-for-Photos_Doors-Sampler, revised