“The Word became flesh and lived among us.”—John 1:14

God with us. Emmanuel.
God in snowflakes in the glow of streetlights.
God in the wreckage of steel and concrete after missile strikes.
God in our joyful celebrations around laden tables.
God in the anxious line waiting for sacks of donated grain.
God in the joy of newborn cry.
God in the pain of newborn cry.
God in carols of angel song and shepherd’s delight.
God in the lament of Rachel.
God in wise and wealthy.
God in overcrowded classrooms and empty purse.
God in miracle and mystery.
God in mundane and routine. God in shared bread and cup in darkened hour.
God in broken body and shed blood.
God in makeshift cradle and empty tomb.
God in borrowed barn and uncertain future.
God with us. Emmanuel.

God is with us. In every part of our lives and the life of the world. May that fill us with hope and joy.

A Merry Christmas to all.

The Rev. Dr. Bob Faris,
Moderator of the 2022 General Assembly