Creator, Holy One, Great Spirit,
We give thanks this day for all your good gifts of creation.
For the gift of heat and light from the sun
And for the gentle light and comfort of the moon.
For the Earth, our mother,
who has birthed us and nurtured us, and supplied our needs.
For the gifts of the rocks and the soil on which we stand, of air to breath,
of water to drink, of food to eat and of fire to keep us warm.
For the great rivers that flow through this land,
constantly renewing and refreshing the creatures who live here.
For mountains and plains, woodlands and stony places.
For all creatures that share this land with us,
the plants and the animals
who each have their place and their responsibilities.
We give thanks for the people who inhabit this land
and especially for the Indigenous peoples
who have been here and have stewarded this land for thousands of years.
We thank you for their wisdom

and for their medicines that help us to live with respect and in right relationship in this place.
We give thanks for all who have been welcomed here from other territories and lands.
For all your children we give you thanks,
And for the gift of your child Jesus, in whose name we pray.

—The Rev. Dr. Bob Faris
Moderator of the 2022 General Assembly