I give thanks to my God always for you because of the grace of God that has been given you in Christ Jesus.
(1 Corinthians 1:4)

Every year, Presbyterians across Canada faithfully respond to God’s call by supporting mission and ministry through The Presbyterian Church in Canada with gifts of time, money and prayer. Together we equip congregations, start new faith communities, support international partners, empower youth, encourage new ministers, equip theological students, support Indigenous ministries, respond to emergencies, break cycles of poverty, pursue justice—and so much more.

Your commitment to Christ’s continued mission and ministry through the church is vital to the work that we dream of doing together when we gather at General Assembly.

When we put our gifts into God’s hands, God does remarkable things

In 2021, congregations and individuals across Canada, the Women’s Missionary Society, Atlantic Mission Society and others gave over $9.9 million to PCC ministries, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in Canada and around the world.

  • $5.7 million was given to support ministry in Canada and around the world through Presbyterians Sharing
  • $2.6 million was given for international development and relief programs of Presbyterian World Service & Development
  • $350,000 was given to PWS&D’s account with Canadian Foodgrains Bank
  • $148,000 was given for special mission and ministry programs
  • $1.46 million was given in designated and undesignated bequests to The Presbyterian Church in Canada

We shared the good news through congregations and mission partners

“I can’t say enough how much it means to be supported through the darkest days of life, to be accepted and yet held accountable for my actions. That’s what the staff at WICM do. They provide me with the support I need to make it through the scariest of days.”
—Murray, Winnipeg Inner City Missions (WICM), Manitoba

Despite the challenges of 2021, The Presbyterian Church in Canada continued to share God’s message of hope and love. Together, we equipped 32 mission partners working in 14 countries with grants and/or mission staff, focusing on leadership development, Bible translation, Christian education, theological education and evangelism. We supported ministries in Canada serving refugees and other newcomers to Canada, sex workers and people with addictions, mental health issues, disabilities and other barriers to traditional social engagement. We hosted websites for over 300 congregations, camps, presbyteries, synods and specialized ministries. We helped congregations take steps towards new directions in ministry and explore ways of sharing faith during a pandemic.

Murray with Crystal Mckeen, First Steps Coordinator at WICM and Ruth Magnuson, Executive Director

Murray with Crystal Mckeen, First Steps Coordinator at WICM, and Ruth Magnuson, Executive Director

Nine ministries operated in, by and for Indigenous communities in Canada provided care and support for Indigenous people who continue to be impacted by the legacy of Residential Schools run by the church. Christian educators explored practical ways to help children, adults and families grow in their faith. The theological colleges, national committees and staff helped equip ministerial candidates and presbyteries to discern calls to ministry. Grants provided seven Presbyterian camps with curriculum and an opportunity for monthly gatherings for their directors to discuss best practices on topics including anti-racism and LGBTQI2+ inclusion. Innovation and technology grants helped congregations run discipleship and public witness programs during COVID-19. Grants were provided for experimental projects, creative work with children and youth and to support rural and remote ministries. More than 240 people served on 34 committees or working groups that reported to or through General Assembly. The time, skills and energy of volunteers, staff, committees and groups working together to develop resources, lead events, raise funds and participate in outreach ministries multiplied the impact of financial gifts in immeasurable ways.

We responded to emergencies and helped combat chronic poverty

“PWS&D is a partner in times of need. I am thankful for all that PWS&D is doing in our community.”
—Ida James, farmer, Malawi

Through a network of partners and relief agencies around the world, and with some government matching funds, we helped vulnerable people recover from disasters and access food, shelter and medical care. We also accompanied 52 congregations and six presbyteries, who worked to bring 266 refugees to Canada.

PWS&D’s development programs helped people access food security, education, health services, sustainable livelihoods and human rights. Farmers in Haiti, Malawi, Guatemala and Nicaragua learned how to improve crop production and nutrition by using practices that protect water sources, restore soil fertility, save seeds and diversify food sources. Programs for vulnerable youth in Nicaragua, Malawi, Afghanistan and India helped increase self-esteem, prevent teenage pregnancies, reduce violence and improve nutrition. In Afghanistan, a project hoping to increase access to education for 2,000 young girls more than doubled its target when student enrolment increased to 4,500 girls. In Malawi, mothers and their babies and toddlers received immunizations, essential medical care and family planning support.

Food, housing, sanitation and support to rebuild livelihoods was provided to people whose lives were devastated by natural disasters and conflict in places around the world including Indonesia, Guatemala, Malawi, India and Madagascar. PWS&D also continued to respond to the devastation caused by long-term crisis in Syria, Yemen, Ethiopia, Haiti and Afghanistan.

Ida James

Ida stands in her field in Malawi

These good news stories are possible because of your faithful support

We celebrate the gifts of time, money and prayer that congregations across Canada share with people around the world through The Presbyterian Church in Canada. Your gifts are a symbol of hope, a reminder that we serve a living, vibrant and generous God. We thank God for you, the lives you are touching in your community and the love we are sharing together in communities across Canada and around the world. We look forward to working with you in 2022 and into the future.