Our Journey Through Lent: A Devotional Booklet and Interactive Slide – Synod of CNOB

Are you looking for a simple Lent devotional resource to share with your families at home? This one, which was created by Dr. Tori Smit (Regional Minister for Faith Formation for the Synod of CNOB), is available for free download and leads participants of all ages through a complete reading of the Gospel of Mark.

For families with young children, the devotional booklet includes a selection of age-appropriate children’s Bible stories that coincide with the Bible readings for families to enjoy. The booklet comes with an accompanying interactive Google slide that gives families access to videos of the weekly stories.

Screenshot of Our Journey Through Lent.

Walk This Way: A Lenten Resource for Families – Laura Alary

Created by Laura Alary, the author of Make Room: A Child’s Guide to Lent and Easter, this resource is great for families looking to experience Lent as a time for spaciousness, freedom, choice, and participation in the transformative work of the Spirit.

For each week of Lent, Alary recommends a picture book and provides a brief written reflection and questions for wondering. As you read the recommended books, look at the artwork together, and share questions and ideas, you will find that reading with children is not only a pleasure but also a wonderful way to begin important faith conversations.


Lent & Easter at Home Kits – Building Faith

With so much of life happening online this past year, many families are looking for activities they can do offline together. Providing Lent & Easter kits for families is one way that congregations can support Christian learning and faith formation at home during this time.

This resource provides suggested intergenerational activities, crafts, prayers and devotionals to include in a Lent/Easter kit.

Visit the Building Faith website for more details

Faithful Families for Lent, Easter, & Resurrection – Traci Smith

Respected author of Faithful Families: Creating Sacred Moments at Home, Traci Smith, has a new book that contains dozens of fun and easy practices to help families observe Lent and celebrate Easter together.

This book was written with busy families in mind. The activities are meaningful but not overly time- or materials-consuming. They are perfectly suited for the busy household that wants to find ways to bring faith into their home. Behind the seeming simplicity, however, is a wrestling with the theological issues at the heart of the Easter story.

In addition to the activities, this book also contains theological notes guiding parents on addressing the violence of the crucifixion and the meaning of Jesus’ death.

Visit Traci Smith’s website for more details

Cover image for Faithful Families for Lent, Easter, & Resurrection by Traci Smith.

God is Still With Us Lenten Devotional – Illustrated Children’s Ministry

Illustrated Children’s Ministry’s God is Still with Us Lenten Devotional invites participants to remember that from the foundations of the world, the Holy Spirit hovered over creation. The Spirit hovers, even now. When God’s people seemed abandoned in Egypt, God guided them into the Promised Land. God guides us, even now. This devotional, which is available for download with or without colouring pages, explores the gospel passages that remind us that God is still with us.

Illustrated Children’s Ministry has many Lent resources on their website that are worth exploring

God’s World in Community: Lent – GenOn Ministries

This flexible, simple resource for intergenerational gatherings is based on the Revised Common Lectionary readings for Year C and includes scripture passages from Ash Wednesday, the five weeks of Lent, and Good Friday. Each of the seven sessions features a scripture reading, a prompt for storytelling, options for hands-on activities, and a blessing. The sessions, written for all ages, can be done by individuals or with others within the same household. The resource is completely downloadable for a reasonable price, and whoever purchases it has permission to send it out (print or email) to all households in that church.

Visit the GenOn Ministries website for more details

The Poetry of Lent with Emily Dickinson or Mary Oliver – Salt Project

These devotional booklets, created by the Salt Project, are a delightful way to engage in both scriptural and literary reflection during Lent.

In these Lenten devotionals, biblical texts and simple, accessible practices weave together with Dickinson’s or Oliver’s poetic vision, creating a 40-day journey into the heart of the holiest week of the year. Great for people who already love poetry and for those who want an introduction to the genre.

While these poetry devotionals are created for adults, Salt also has great Lenten resources for the whole family.

Visit the Salt Project’s website to browse their Lent resources

Full to the Brim – A Sanctified Art

Beginning with Ash Wednesday, this weekly devotional for adults follows the Revised Common Lectionary (Year C) through Easter Sunday. The scriptures for this Lenten season are filled with parables and promises of God’s abundant and expansive grace. Full to the Brim reminds us to live fully—as we pursue justice and hope, or express grief and gratitude. Along with the weekly devotional, churches have the option of purchasing additional art and resources connected to the theme.

Visit A Sanctified Art’s website to browse their Lent resources

Full to the Brim by Sanctified Art graphic.

2022 Lenten Devotional – St. Andrew’s Hall

St. Andrew’s Hall at the University of British Columbia—a college of the Presbyterian Church in Canada—has created a Lenten devotional guide. This free, downloadable guide has been created by a diverse group of contributors from within their community. Reading the reflections of this group of thoughtful and engaged Christian leaders is sure to be a wonderful addition to your Lenten season.