Learning Your Way into Missional Ministry
A Design Thinking Guide for Congregations Seeking a New Way Forward

Many congregations have a sense that God is calling them to connect with their neighbours and community in new ways but are unsure how to do it. What would happen if your congregation replaced the question of “what do we need to do?” with “what do we need to learn?”

There is a great process for learning through doing called “Design Thinking.” It’s a process that helps learners think outside of the box with the help of others. It is created to help you gain a greater understanding of a need and how to address the need well.

Learning Your Way into Missional Ministry is a guide created by the Rev. Peter Coutts to help you explore the steps of Design Thinking through a story of a fictitious congregation. As you read through this resource, you’ll be given a series of useful steps that you can use to guide your congregation through the process of determining how to live out your missional calling.

Image of arrow pointing downLearning Your Way into Missional Ministry – A "Design Thinking" Guide

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