Women’s Inspirational Stories Honoured (WISH)
Honour women in the church by sharing their inspirational stories of faith today

Since the beginning of The Presbyterian Church in Canada, women have been serving the church and doing mission. Their involvement and service have been central to the life of the church. Through the years, there have been many inspirational stories of faith, some have been shared but many have not.

Why share these stories?

  1. Inspirational stories, especially during difficult times, like the pandemic, can lift our spirits.
  2. Inspirational stories can give us a roadmap to stronger faith.
  3. Sharing inspirational stories of faith is how we pass on the faith to the next generation.

We would like to invite groups to submit women’s inspirational stories from within your church family. Your choice might be someone who works tirelessly in her local church, or someone who has envisioned and launched a specific accomplishment, or someone who has spanned a wide body of work and accomplishment within the church.

Complete the WISH nomination form linked to below to nominate PCC women candidates and submit inspirational stories of faith.
The submission deadline is January 15, 2022.

This form must be completed by a court or group of The Presbyterian Church in Canada. These inspirational stories should be about women who have contributed to the life and ministry of The Presbyterian Church in Canada.

Note that we are not able to accept posthumous submissions.

Submit a Nomination

This program is sponsored by the Women’s Missionary Society.