2022 PCC Wall Calendar:
Faith Expressed Through the Arts

Art, in all its forms, can nourish our souls and bring us closer to God. For the 2022 edition of the PCC Wall Calendar, we are inviting Presbyterians to send us high-resolution photo submissions that showcase the variety of artistic talents within our denomination and congregations, and the ways these gifts have been used to glorify God.

We welcome submissions from Canadian Presbyterians of all ages, sharing their gifts through different forms of creative expression, including (but not limited to):

  • Drawings/paintings
  • Sculpture works
  • Stained glass works
  • Seasonal arts and crafts
    (i.e., for Advent and Lent)
  • Sunday School artwork
  • Quilting/knitting/sewing works
    (i.e., handmade pulpit fall)
  • Culinary/baking art
  • Gardening
  • Photography
  • Performance art
  • Poetry
Submit Today

Submission Deadline: August 20, 2021