Boko Haram, an Islamist extremist group operating mostly in Northeastern Nigeria, have claimed responsibility for an armed assault on the Government Science Secondary School in Katsina, Nigeria. More than 330 students are missing.

The targeting of students—children—follows a history of violence by Boko Haram, which has claimed the lives of thousands of people and displaced millions. Boko Haram were also responsible for the 2014 kidnapping of 234 girls in Nigeria’s Borno province, many of whom are still missing.


Living Faith affirms that “We are to bring Christ’s healing presence to the world for which he died, his peace to its pain and anguish” (8.1.2). There is brutality in the anguish of parents who do not know where their children are—whether or not they are safe, and alive.

We pray for the wellbeing and safe return of the missing students and for their families. We remember those who have been displaced from their homes and communities by conflict, and pray for the wellbeing and peace of all people who are caught up in the violence of hatred and fear, whether perpetrator or victim.

Let us join our voices to all people who seek peace in Nigeria and be emboldened in our conviction that justice, peace and dignity are for all people.