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This November, there was a chance for weekly online engagement with a broad range of people from all over the country on issues surrounding climate action and climate justice. The series of online forums that took place each Monday was organized by For the Love of Creation , an initiative open to all faith communities and faith-based organizations in Canada who wish to take meaningful action for climate justice. The PCC is among the original endorsing organizations of the initiative.

The online forum events, which covered topics ranging from climate advocacy to climate grief, as well as sessions engaging theology around climate justice were recorded. Along with other video resources, they will be available for viewing on the website shortly—check back soon!

For the Love of Creation continues its work in the coming year, organizing local conversations to engage with themes around climate advocacy. There will soon be guides posted to the website to help people have different kinds of conversations around climate justice (whether advocacy, education, or theology-oriented) and there are other ways to participate locally that will be announced, such as the means to participate in a process for drafting a “Letter of the Faithful” on climate justice.

More information will be available in the New Year, so stay tuned!