We are called to give thanks to God every day but getting into the habit of doing so takes practice. Thanksgiving is coming up soon, and it is the perfect holiday to practice gratitude.

We have gathered some sources with fun ideas for families to celebrate Thanksgiving at home by acknowledging the blessings in their lives and giving thanks to God.

Gratitude Gobblers

Praying in Color has free, downloadable prayer colouring sheets for every season. Their “gratitude gobbler” templates can be used for a Thanksgiving gratitude exercise for people of all ages. Why not print out several and have each person do the exercise between dinner and dessert on Thanksgiving Day?

Building Faith – Thanksgiving Activities for Church and Families

Building Faith has a great list of ways to integrate Christian traditions into at-home Thanksgiving celebrations.

Gratitude Café

Conceived by Traci Smith in her book, Faithful Families: Creating Sacred Moments at Home, Gratitude Café involves setting up a regular time (e.g. once per week or month) for families to gather and share what they are thankful for. Thanksgiving is a great time to start this practice.

Image of arrow pointing downFaithful Families: Gratitude Café Practice

Faithful Celebrations: Making Time for God in Autumn

This book by Sharon Ely Pearson comes highly recommended by Presbyterian Christian Educators. It contains an abundance of ideas for creating meaningful autumnal celebrations rooted in faith practices.

Giving Thanks

Longtime Christian Educator, Wendy Claire Barrie, has published a blog post offering helpful suggestions for writing and creating Thanksgiving prayers.

Thanksgiving Baskets

Many congregations have some form of food pantry, allowing congregation members to donate food that is later distributed to those in the community who need it. With COVID-19 making it harder for food donations to be received at church, it is the perfect time to develop a practice of gathering food to donate to others at home. Consider putting together a Thanksgiving food basket or box with the food people would want to eat over the holidays but might not be able to afford. Donate to a local food bank or other organization that distributes food in your community.

Looking for more fun and meaningful activities to do with your family and friends this Thanksgiving?
Check out the Thanksgiving Faith Formation activity sheet, prepared by The Presbyterian Church in Canada:

Image of arrow pointing down10 Thanksgiving Faith Formation Activities for Families