Every year, the PCC has produced bulletin covers for congregations. The bulletin covers mark PCC special dates and offer images and reflections related to the seasons of the church year. We hope the bulletins have enhanced the worship in your congregation, fostered faith and provided a way for you to feel more connected to the work of the denomination.

Bulletin Covers 2020–21

Because of the pandemic, which led to the temporary closure of many church buildings, combined with feedback that many churches will not be re-ordering bulletins in anticipation of compliance with additional pandemic directives, we have decided to cancel the production of bulletin covers for the 2020–21 year.

Bulletin Cover Options

To help with the transition, we are offering all 2019–20 Sunday worship bulletin covers, free of charge, for those who may wish to use them. While the bulletins are created to accompany the lectionary, previous editions are not contingent on the 2019–20 lectionary dates. The reflections and artwork they offer are continuously relevant and applicable.

PCC Sunday worship bulletin covers are available for each Sunday, in quantities of 25.

First Sunday in Advent to Reign of Christ Sunday
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To order previous bulletins, use the PCC Resource Ordering Portal (be sure to have your username and password ready) or the online order form.

Special Occasion Bulletin Covers ($3.75 per 25)

Special occasion bulletin covers are also available for Baptisms, Ordinations, Funerals and Communion. The cost is $3.75 per package of 25.

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Customized Bulletin Covers

Additionally, exclusively on the Resource Ordering Portal is an exciting feature that allows you to custom-make church bulletins for Sunday worship, seasonal and special occasions, and order print copies with your own congregation’s information printed on them. To learn about this new feature, check out our short video tutorials on how to customize and order PCC resources (find them under the Customizable Resources section). If you require your congregation’s login information or assistance with using the portal, contact the Communications Office .

PCC Resource Ordering Portal

Browse, search for and order all available PCC bulletin covers through the Portal. Please have your username and password ready.


Orders can also be placed using the online order form or you can call 1-800-619-7301 ext. 331, or send an email.

For more information about the bulletin covers, the PCC Resource Ordering Portal, or any other communication-related topic, please contact Barb Summers, Associate Secretary .

The bulletin covers are proudly printed using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper, helping to promote responsible management of the world’s forests.