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Speaking Out Against Racism and Hate in Canada

Justice opposes prejudice in every form.
It rejects discrimination on such grounds as race, sex, age, status or handicap.
Justice stands with our neighbours in the struggle for dignity and respect
And demands the exercise of power for good.

—Living Faith, 8.4.6

This brief study is adapted from the 2020 interim report of Justice Ministries to the General Assembly, which had a section on racism and hate. A more full and involved resource addressing racism and xenophobia is underway and will be released later this year, but in light of the protests following police killing George Floyd in the United States and the demonstrations and protests concerning systemic racism in places across Canada, we want to give people a guide and conversation starter to enable churches and groups to have discussions and pursue responses to systemic racism and hate.

Image of arrow pointing downRacism and Hate in Canada Study Guide