Children at Winnipeg Inner City Missions in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

In the old days, among the Red nations, a man sometimes had more than one wife, did not raise their voices at their children and they could communicate with all of nature. But one day a woman raised her voice at her stepson. The boy picked up two other boys and they left their people. People followed them and pleaded with them to come back. As they were walking, the Creator taught the people many things about life and nature. When the people reached the waters, the boys were already out in their canoes and told their people, “We will not come back until you have built a Holy House.”

The hummingbird is allowed to fly over the waters to get the Holy Seed that the Red nations need to build the Holy House. From the three boys who left, the Father made the Yellow, Black and White nations, and one day they will reunite with the Red nations. There will be no jealousy, no harm to future generations, and no harm to creation for the Seed of Love will bloom on Mother Earth. All the races, religions, classes and genders will be the Holy House together. All my Relations!

—The Rev. Mary Fontaine is from Hummingbird Ministries in Vancouver, B.C.