The birthday of the church is coming up! Pentecost—a great day of celebration—is on May 31.

While it is likely that the stay-at-home advisory will still be in place for Canadians come end of May, the exciting story of the Holy Spirit descending on the disciples and the imagery associated with it (wind, flames, red, dove) offer rich symbols to draw on to celebrate Pentecost at home.

We have gathered together some fun ideas for families to celebrate Pentecost at home using simple materials that are easily available:

Pentecost in a Box

Building Faith has created four Pentecost activities oriented for faith-at-home formation: an interactive telling of the Pentecost story with images, making Pentecost greeting cards, having a birthday celebration for the church, and a prayer to accompany waving red streamers.

Pinwheels for Pentecost

The Synod of CNOB (Central, Northeastern Ontario and Bermuda) Blog offers Pentecost story options and reflection questions for children—plus instructions for making pinwheels and bubbles as part of their “Pentecost Pinwheel Project” to share the joy and vibrancy of this great day of celebration with your entire neighbourhood.

Pentecost in a Parcel

Hope4CE has shared several visual and hands-on ideas for celebrating Pentecost, such as craft activities for fire sticks and flying doves, in addition to book suggestions and helpful links to more ideas.