Innovation Grants 

for Faith Formation and Public Witness

Congregations and ministries are adapting quickly and in amazing ways to changing circumstances. Many have begun live streaming their services, others are sending out reflections and prayers each week and still others are sharing the elements of the liturgy in creative new ways. Pastoral care and outreach teams are responding faithfully to the increased needs within their congregations and communities. The church is finding ways to witness in this new context.

In order to encourage congregations and ministries to exercise innovation and adaptability in the area of discipleship, faith sharing and community programs, the Life and Mission Agency is offering innovation grants of $1,000 to congregations and ministries that qualify.


→ Congregations, camps and social ministries must be under the care of a presbytery or synod of The Presbyterian Church in Canada.

→ A priority will be given to grant applications related to new programs.

→ Funds can also be used to adapt existing programs. To qualify, ministries will need to demonstrate a substantial change to program elements and format. Funds will not be provided to support the continuation of regular ministry programs.

→ The programs developed must be in the area of faith formation or provide public witness by sharing the love of God through the love of neighbour. Ministries will need to explain the theological rationale for their programs and provide a description of how biblical teachings will be communicated to participants.

Examples of discipleship programs include:

    • Development of faith formation material for children while they are out of school;
    • Launch of online support groups for parents that equip for faith formation at home;
    • Development of mentorship programs that connect younger and older congregation members, etc.

Examples of public witness programs include:

    • Christian public art projects;
    • Development of a prayer program for health professionals;
    • Development of a lecture series that draws together community and local leaders, etc.

→ Programs must communicate biblical teachings or engage participants in theological reflection.

→ Applications will be considered on an ongoing basis until June 15, 2020.

→ Ministries will need to provide an endorsement from their session or board of oversight.

→ Approved ministries will be required to submit a photo of a voided cheque via email in order to collect funds.

→ Ministries will provide a report within 4–6 weeks of the ministry’s launch. A template will be provided.

→ Additionally, most ministries will be required to send in a short video clip of the program in action.