Portal screen captureThe new PCC Resource Ordering Portal for congregations is an additional and significantly improve new system that congregations can use to order the wide variety of PCC educational and informational resources.

The portal provides unique access for each congregation in The Presbyterian Church in Canada. This new system offers a significantly improved user experience, featuring a shopping cart model, robust search option, detailed descriptions and images. As well, it also provides access to an exciting new tool that allows congregations to customize specific resources with your own church information, such as adding your church name, address, phone number and website address to bulletin inserts and business cards.

To access the portal, a unique username and password has been created for your congregation. Your login information, along with further instructions on how to use the new portal, was mailed to your congregation early last week, so you can expect to receive your welcome package shortly, if not already. In case you do not receive your welcome package, please contact the Communications Office at 1-800-619-7301 ext. 330 and we can provide your login information. Please feel free to update your username and password to something more easily remembered.

Join the Webinar: Feb. 5

On Wednesday, February 5, at 1:00 p.m. (Eastern), you will have the opportunity to learn more via a live webinar hosted by the Communications Office that will walk you through the specific features of the new portal. Please visit the web page for more details and to register your participation. A recording will be posted after the live event for viewing at any time.

Your Church Profile

If you use the portal to create resources customized with your own church information, certain details will pre-populate, such as your church name, minister name, address, etc. This information is pulled from your church profile. You are welcome to make updates to your profile, as needed. However, we also ask you notify national church offices of any profile changes. You can use the “Update My Info” link in the main navigation bar to let us know any changes that should be made to our database.

Shipping & Handling

For the past year, national office has been subsidizing the mailing costs associated with all orders. There will now be a flat-rate $8 shipping and handling charge applied to all orders to help offset some of the costs associated with assembling and packing materials, and mailing through Canada Post. The flat rate cost is also a more equitable fee, as it applies to congregations from coast to coast, in urban or rural areas.

We want to help congregations save as much money as possible. In order to keep costs as low, we are encouraging congregations to order several materials at once rather than one at a time. Not only will that save money, but it is also helps us to be more environmentally conscious as there are fewer shipments. For example, you could order materials for upcoming events, such as Lent and Easter, while also planning ahead and ordering materials for Healing & Reconciliation Sunday (May 24) and Presbyterians Sharing Sunday (September 27).


We believe you will find the portal to be a significant upgrade from our current ordering system and offer a valuable service to congregations.

If you need assistance with using the portal at any time, contact the Communications Office. You can also use the live-chat feature on the PCC website. The original online order form is still be available for ordering resources, if needed, and you can always call 1-800-619-7301 ext. 331 to place an order.