Tuesday at General Assembly began with worship, followed by the report from the Special Committee of Former Moderators (read the full report here). An early motion was passed that the advisory vote of Young Adult Representatives on the report would be recorded in the minutes.

The report was presented by the Rev. Peter Bush, who outlined the four different pathways proposed for the church to consider as ways to move forward. After some discussion about process, the Assembly moved into “Committee of the Whole,” which was moderated by the Rev. Daniel Cho to discuss the options as presented.

The commissioners asked questions to clarify the details of the pathways and then shared the pathways they felt most positive about. After many shared their opinions, commissioners took part in table group discussions and YARs joined different tables to share their thoughts.

Before voting, the Rev. Karen Horst led the Assembly in a time of prayer and then commissioners voted through a secret ballot in complete silence. The Moderators left to count the vote and the silence was broken as commissioners joined together to sing.

When the Moderators returned, they reported that the results of both the Young Adult and Student Representative and the Committee of the Whole voted for Pathway B (Inclusion).

After discussion and debate, the General Assembly decided that Pathway B (inclusion) be approved. It was clarified that there will be a committee to work on implications and that this begins a year-long process as it goes through the Barrier Act. There is no immediate change to practice or doctrine.

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