In May, Canadians are invited to honour the many contributions people of Asian heritage have made to the Church and to Canadian society more widely. Today’s prayer may be used either as a call-and-response prayer or for personal prayer and reflection by leaving aside the one and all divisions.

Written by the Rev. Angie Song, Minister at Vaughan Community Church, Toronto, Ontario

Prayer for Asian Heritage Month

God of our yesterday, today and tomorrow,
Enliven our hearts as we celebrate Asian Heritage Month this May.

We give thanks for all the ways you’ve blessed Canada
with a rich diversity of landscape and people,
you have created each of us with a heritage,
a place and people from where we come,
living now together in a country
that we are shaping in our sharing of lives and cultures.

We celebrate all the ways Asian-Canadian communities have enriched our nation.

We recognize the journey, opportunities and challenge
of seeking a new life
and we give you praise for the diverse ways
community and family,
perseverance and entrepreneurship,
faith and gospel
are lived out among us.

We pray for the Asian church communities and leaders in the Presbyterian Church in Canada.

Bless them in their worship and service
as they seek the peace of the city and nation,
pursue reconciliation and forgiveness where needed,
and share Christ’s love and abundance,
for the renewal of us all.

As Christ suffered for us, we pray for our Asian brothers and sisters around the world who are suffering hostilities, exploitation and loss.

We stand with the migrant workers in Canada who are being exploited,
the children, women and men who are trafficked for profit,
Myanmar’s displaced Rohingya people in Bangladesh,
the Korean people who are seeking unity for their nation,
and the Asia Pacific nations constantly affected by cyclones and natural disasters. Lord, have mercy and help those who are crying out to you.

Triune God, you are for the life of all nations. Strengthen us within the diversity of our communities to share love, faith and hope for Your glory’s sake.

In Christ’s name we pray,