In May, Canadians are invited to honour the many contributions people of Asian heritage have made to the Church and to Canadian society more widely. Today’s prayer may be used either as a call-and-response prayer or for personal prayer and reflection by leaving aside the one and all divisions.


One: God of loving and eternal community, open our hearts and minds by the power of your Spirit that we may see and honour the many cultural heritages in our midst.

All: By your grace, O God, we observe and celebrate in our midst the gifts of diversity and insight that our sisters and brothers of Asian Heritage bring to our collective community.

 One: God, we pray for the communities in which we live and work alongside our sisters and brothers of Asian Communities. Many of our sisters and brothers long to make a meaningful contribution of their talents for the betterment of our collective communities.

All: Give us courage, O God, to seek and foster those gifts and aptitudes in our sisters and brothers of Asian Heritage; they make for a fairer and fuller community.

One: As a church, O God, may we lead in lived examples, a life of just and equal participation in your service, through the respectful hearing of voices of our sisters and brothers of Asian Heritage, and building up our trust in one another and in You.

All:  Through our united life, O God, may we proclaim in joy that the cultural diversity of our sisters and brothers of Asian Heritage add to our wholeness in You.

Through the embracing diversity and embrace of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.


— Written by Dong-Ha Kim, Th.D., Interim Director of Academic Programs and Director of the Centre for Asian-Canadian Theology and Ministry, Knox College