Cyclone Idai tore through central Mozambique as well as parts of Malawi and Zimbabwe in early March. Hundreds of thousands have been impacted and the death toll is steadily rising. The Presbyterian Church in Canada is praying for all those affected by this terrible disaster.


Great and powerful God
there is no other like you.
You have created the world and all that is in it
and supply all our needs.
You have come among us in Jesus
and have known our joy and our pain.
You have sent your Spirit
to give us hope even in the midst of disaster.
Our cry goes up to you in this time of suffering.
Bring help to those who are stranded
in the midst of wind and flood.
Strengthen those who come to rescue
and bring food and water and comfort to the victims.
Be with the very young and the very old
the wounded and the dying.
Let them know your arms of love and grace.
We pray for those who mourn.
Comfort them in their sorrow.
Give strength to your church in Mozambique
and around the world.
Make us instruments of your love and grace
for those whose lives are in ruins.
And show us how to work with all those
who bring relief and begin the task of rebuilding.
Help us to recognize your face
in the face of our sisters and brothers.
and to do for them what we would do for you.
For we pray in the name of the one who walked with us
in this world of struggle.

—Written by the Rev. Dr. Robert (Bob) Faris, former mission staff in Mozambique from 1989–1994. He is the Associate Minister of St. Andrew’s Church in Toronto.