Love Mercy graphicThe United Nations names February 20 as the World Day of Social Justice. The theme for 2019 is If You Want Peace & Development, Work for Social Justice .

In Living Faith, we acknowledge that justice seeks the best way to create well-being in every society. Justice is concerned about employment, education, and health as well as rights and responsibilities. Justice stands with our neighbours in their struggle for dignity and respect and demands the exercise of power for the common good.

On World Day of Social Justice, we pray that God’s justice will be a reality and commit to seeking this justice in our communities and the world.


How long, how long? The prophets of yesterday and today cry.

When does it end?

Where does it end?

To lose hope, O Lord, is to lose sight of You.

But You are here. You are now. And You have many names

You are eagerness. You are keenness.

You are loving kindness. You are grace.

You are the one who does not let go.

Above all You are mercy.

Yet Your demand for justice, borne out of Your mercy, is insistent.

So stir us in the strength we have in the forgiveness you grant

Stir up all that is good within us. Release all that is captive within us.

Be who You are; and heal what is broken among us:

Where there is poverty let there be equality, generosity and hospitality;

Where there is unemployment let there be shared responsibility for opportunity;

Where there is exclusion due to racism, bigotry, and prejudice let there be repentance and inclusion;

Where there is the belittling of other religions let there be peace and acceptance and learning;

Where there is ostracism due to gender or sexual identity let there be love;

And where there are barriers for migrants, or those disabled, or the elderly may you be the one who smashes the walls;

We pray in the name of the one we call Jesus,


—Written by the Rev. Marty Molengraaf, minister of Unionville Presbyterian Church in Unionville, Ont.