Hands in prayerCompassionate God of all people,
you are the One who blesses and loves us
and we give you our thanks and praise.

On this International Day for the Eradication of Poverty we recall how we are joined together with all people through your Son Jesus Christ.
And by the light of your Spirit we embrace our brothers and sisters –
those who suffer in poverty and from a lack of dignity and who struggle to survive.

Lord of generosity and bounty,
we commit ourselves to the effort to eradicate poverty across this land.
In this nation of prosperity and plenty
we are disturbed and saddened that too many subsist on so little;
we acknowledge the efforts by the federal government to reduce poverty in Canada
and we pray that the government continues to develop poverty reduction strategies to help those in need live economically dignified and socially empowered lives.

As the people of God,
we are called to fulfill your will for the sake of the kingdom and
pray for the men, women, and families that need our help the most.
Fill our hearts with compassion, mercy and your justice, O Lord.

We pray that the church would take up this call with integrity, commitment and passion so that together we can end poverty in Canada.

By your Spirit we stand in solidarity with the vulnerable and we pray that we may work towards the blessings of justice for all.

Through the loving and merciful name of Christ Jesus our Lord we pray.  Amen.

—The Rev. Daniel Cho, Moderator of the 144th General Assembly