The 94 Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission address the history and legacy of the Indian Residential Schools System in Canada. The Presbyterian Church in Canada ran 11 of these schools, two after 1925. Our 1994 Confession is a covenant to seek healing. Reading the Calls to Action can feel daunting. You may ask: How do we begin? What can we do?

Equipping for Leadership: A guide for churches to respond to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s 94 Calls to Action is a new free resource to help Presbyterians begin these conversations. This resource provides suggestions of how to read the Calls to Action (CTA), questions for reflection and ideas for action.

Ask a few members of your congregation to read the Calls to Action with you. Pray about them and talk about them. Choose one that stands out and begin to learn more together. Seek Indigenous voices. Listening is essential for reconciliation. Justice Ministries’ staff can suggest resources.

Presbyterians are responding to the Calls to Action. In January 2018, First Presbyterian Church (Collingwood ON) hosted a day camp for 40 children in their community to participate in activities and make crafts that highlighted Indigenous culture and history (CTA #59). The Rev. Mark Tremblay has prepared a Lenten Bible Study for his Knox Presbyterian Church (Calgary AB) and a liturgy for Mission Awareness Sunday (April 29) about the Doctrine of Discovery (CTA #46 and 49).

No one is alone in the work of reconciliation. In 2 Corinthians 5:18-20, we are reminded that through Christ, the world is reconciled to God. God calls us to the ministry of reconciliation as ambassadors for Christ. God draws us into this ministry and walks with us.

Contact Justice Ministries at healing [at] presbyterian [dot] ca to receive copies of Equipping for Leadership.