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Rainbow Communion Decisions

The General Assembly amended the terms of reference for the Rainbow Communion (the Special Listening Committee for LGBTQI people) allowing for other people, such as relatives, friends, co-workers, members of congregations, to share their stories of harm and grace, and that the committee will recommend an appropriate response to the issues of homophobia, hypocrisy, heterosexism and transphobia within The Presbyterian Church in Canada. The Assembly also suspended indefinitely censure for LGBTQI minister and elders who serve on the committee and/or tell their stories, allowing them to participate freely and honestly in the work of the special committee. Pictured: Rainbow Communion Co-Conveners: The Rev. Dr. Bob Faris (Toronto, ON), Ms Sue Senior (Waterloo, ON)

Young Adult Representatives

The Young Adult Representatives reported to the Assembly their reflections and experience. They acknowledged a number of challenges, including find the governing system and process of Assembly difficult and at times feeling that Assembly wasn’t a safe space to share minority opinions. Ultimately, the YARs concluded their report saying they leave Assembly with hope.