Sexuality Overtures

Assembly assigned a special committee of former moderators from the past 12 years to review the issue and propose a way ahead that allows for the mission and ministry of the PCC continue, taking into consideration the overtures, additional motions (excluding the work of the Rainbow Communion Listening Committee). They are expected to report back at next year’s Assembly.

Clerks of Assembly

Recommendations about leaving the denomination were referred to Assembly Council. Changes on the legislation to appoint equalizing ministers in Presbyteries is being sent to presbyteries under the Barrier Act for approval or disapproval. Proposed amendments to Book of Forms regarding term service for elders were referred to sessions and presbyteries for study and report.

Assembly Council

Gratitude was expressed for the generous support from congregations, individuals and groups across the church to Presbyterians Sharing. The 2019 budget is $8,746,000 and was passed.

It was decided that student summer-placement stipends must meet or exceed minimum wage in the province the placement takes place. Housing costs may be shared, up to $100 per week with the student. These rates will be reviewed at least every five years.

One day was added to Assembly starting next year, taking place June 2–6, 2019, again at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ont.