God of mercy and compassion, of grace and reconciliation
Source of Life, Creator and Sustainer of all,
you hold all situations and souls in your hands.
You sent Christ into the world
that we might have life
and have it abundantly;
he came as the Prince of Peace
to a world that is too often tragic and violent.
We turn to you in these hours and days when
conflict is a daily and deadly reality for our sisters and brothers
in Palestine/Israel.

In the face of the violence there
we come to you in grief
for those whose lives are cut short or forever changed;
we come to you in sorrow and in anger
at the violence we hear about and witness;
we come to you in confession
for our silence and complacency;
we come to your praying that all people come to
understand the futility of hatred and violence
and that your grace and love spill over and stretch across
political, religious and national boundaries
so people may see the horror and failure of violence
and search together for justice, peace and truth.

Let hatred be turned into understanding,
fear to trust,
despair to hope,
oppression to freedom,
occupation to liberation,
and division to reconciliation.
These things we pray in Jesus’ name.

—The Rev. Ian Ross-McDonald
General Secretary, Life and Mission Agency