Confirming Friendship with the LGBT Community – April 29 at St. Andrew’s, Picton, ON

In or Out?

This was one of the first major questions that the followers of Jesus had to confront. These followers represented an exclusive Jewish club and the Gentiles (non-Jews) wanted in. After much contentious debate, the Gentiles were invited to join the movement.

In those early years, the same question arose concerning the place of women and slaves. The Apostle Paul declared all human beings to be equal, but it wasn’t long before the dominant culture prevailed and women and slaves were put back “in their place.”

For Christians, the question, “Who is in and who is out?” refuses to go away. It took centuries before this question resurfaced and Christians fought for the abolition of slavery and for the equality of women. Unfortunately, there are still some in the church who condemn women to an inferior status.

Today the question of inclusion has resurfaced again with reference to the LGBT community. Is this community in or out? While this community now has full legal recognition, there are those in the church who are ambivalent about, or even strongly opposed to, a larger vision of inclusion. As a result, St. Andrew’s has been asked on numerous occasions if we are inclusive with respect to our LGBT friends and neighbours.

For a decade, St. Andrew’s, like the early Christians, has been creating an expanding Circle of Friends. We have discovered that opening the door to a variety of people who share our core values has greatly enriched our life together. This Circle includes our LGBT friends and neighbours.

Therefore, on Sunday, April 29 at 10:30, St. Andrew’s will be celebrating the inclusion of a community that has been historically excluded by the Christian tradition. We invite you to join us in supporting these friendships.

And the table will be wide.
And the welcome will be wide.
And the arms will open wide.
And our hearts will open wide to receive.
–Jan Richardson

Join Us As We Confirm Our Friendship With the LGBT Community

When: Sun April 29 at 10:30 a.m.
Where: St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, 31 King Street, Picton, ON

Music by Wellington Lambert, Tom Dietzel & Tom Leighton
Lunch to follow

For more info, contact:
Rev. Lynne Donovan
Minister at St. Andrew’s, Presbyterian Church, Picton

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