Every year it is a blessing to witness the generosity and faithfulness of Presbyterians across Canada as they support the work of The Presbyterian Church in Canada.

In 2017, congregations, individuals, groups, foundations, estates and the WMS and AMS generously gave over $10.96 million to PCC mission and ministry:

  • $6,937,903 was given to Presbyterians Sharing to support mission and ministry in Canada and around the world;
  • $2,720,597 was given to Presbyterian World Service & Development for international development and relief programs;
  • $208,809 was given for special projects of the denomination (international, Canadian, justice ministries, history, archives etc.);
  • $536,062 was given in undesignated bequests to The Presbyterian Church in Canada and $558,692 for PWS&D’s Loaves and Fishes fund.
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In addition $789,577 in gifts of securities was given to PCC congregations through The Presbyterian Church in Canada.

These gifts are making a difference!
Gloucester PC in Ottawa received a grant from Presbyterians Sharing that helped strengthen outreach programs, connect with neighbours and grow the church. The Rev. Denise Allen-Macartney shares, “With all that God has done with our ministry we can see now that the sky is the limit! We thank The Presbyterian Church in Canada for their financial support and encouragement, without which none of this would have been possible. Above all, we thank God for his grace and faithfulness – and we thank God for Presbyterians who share.”

Clara, in rural Guatemala, benefited from PWS&D workshops that empower women. She is now working as a treasurer and health commissioner with organizations that are making her community a better place to live. While fulfilling her passion for leadership, Clara is paving the way for future generations of women to build more prosperous, just communities. “We are highly grateful to PWS&D for supporting us in order to significantly change the hard reality of oppression and marginalization that exists.”

These are just two of many good news stories!

“I am truly blessed to see your generosity in action,” says the Rev. Ian Ross-McDonald, General Secretary of the Life and Mission Agency. “Presbyterian congregations and individuals sharing and working together have extended the reign of God in Canada and around the world in remarkable and compelling ways this year. Exciting stories of faith, transformation, reconciliation, liberation and changed lives – and so much more – are the results of our shared gifts. Your commitment to Christ’s continued mission and ministry through the church is vital to the work that we are doing together.”

Thank you again for being part of this vital ministry.