Bill C-262 Passed Second Reading: Keep Justice Rolling!

On Wednesday, February 7, a majority of Members of Parliament voted in favour of Private Member’s Bill C-262, an act to ensure that the laws of Canada are consistent with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. This is an important step towards the Government of Canada acknowledging and honouring Indigenous peoples’ rights.

Click here to see how your Member of Parliament voted. Contact your MP to thank them if they voted in favour of the bill. If they were absent or voted against Bill C-262, urge their support when the bill is brought to a third reading and final vote in the House of Commons. Contacting your MP to let them know you care about Bill C-262 is a way to show your support for Indigenous rights.

Bill C-262 is now being reviewed by the Standing Committee on Indigenous and Northern Affairs. The Standing Committee posts briefs, transcripts and recordings of its meetings on its website. Meetings of the Standing Committee are often open to the public.

Throughout this review, Justice Ministries will post updates on how you can continue to demonstrate your support. In the meantime, raise awareness about the UN Declaration with your congregation or community:

  • Celebrate the UN Declaration in worship using the liturgy in A Time for Hope.
  • Host a lunch and learn or coffee hour for members of your congregation to ask questions about the UN Declaration. You may want to have copies of the Let Justice Roll campaign resource available so you can refer to the section of Frequently Asked Questions.

Click here for more background information on Bill C-262 and Let Justice Roll.

Mary Fontaine UNDRIP

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