Relief Efforts Begin Following Earthquake in Taiwan

Yu-Shan Seminary, Taiwan, 2015

Yu-Shan Seminary, Hualien, Taiwan, 2015

On Tuesday, February 6, a magnitude-6.4 earthquake struck Taiwan with the epicenter just off the East Coast of Hualien City. The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT) reports that hundreds have been injured and 173 people are unaccounted for. Five buildings have been seriously damaged in addition to extensive destruction to infrastructure. Rescue efforts are currently underway and residents are being moved to temporary shelters.

While the initial response to this disaster is on rescue efforts, longer term assistance to help rebuild is needed, following an assessment of the extent of damage that has taken place.

The PCT disaster response teams are already in action. A response and rescue centre was immediately established at Hualien Kang Presbyterian Church and an assessment team is working in coordination with the Indigenous churches and communities that were affected.

Prayers and Donations Needed

Please pray for the victims and their families, as well as the rescue workers. This is an especially challenging time given the cold weather and rainfall.
To help support the PCT’s relief efforts for humanitarian assistance and infrastructure repair, please donate today and mark your donation “Taiwan Earthquake.”

“On behalf of the victims and the response teams, the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan express our sincere gratitude for the several messages already received from our international partners and friends. Each time such a natural tragedy occurs it is of immense comfort and strength to know sisters and brothers around the globe are praying with us and supporting those afflicted in their times of pain and deep sorrow. Thank you.”

The Rev. Tan Beng-Chi
PCT Moderator, 62nd General Assembly
The Rev. Lyim Hong-Tiong
PCT General Secretary


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