The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty follows our Canadian day of thanksgiving and celebration of harvest, and precedes International Food Day. It is in this context of gratitude and feast that we are mindful of those who are not at our tables. We know there are those who may not have enough food for their table, and there are those who do not have a table to go to.

Poverty is about more than material needs. It is about social and economic stability, safe and adequate housing, addressing health and wellness, and having a sense of belonging and dignity. To eradicate poverty involves identifying and pulling down barriers to full participation in the life of a community. As we celebrate God’s abundance in this season of thanksgiving, let us work that it may be shared with all people.

Dignity for All is a campaign to eradicate poverty in Canada. Write to your federal MP and the government to prepare a national anti-poverty strategy. Additional resources are also available.

Dignity for All is organized by the Citizens for Public Justice. The campaign was endorsed by the 2010 General Assembly (A&P 2010, p. 39).

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