As the fires rage in British Columbia, the moderator, the Rev. Peter Bush, invites the people of The Presbyterian Church in Canada to pray.

God of mercy,

We pray for the people of the British Columbia interior impacted by these fires—Williams Lake, Cache Creek, Ashcroft Indian Reserve, 100 Mile House—and other places impacted but whose names we do not know.

In mercy, look down upon those who have lost property, we cannot imagine what it is to lose everything in a fire.

In mercy, look down upon those who have left everything behind and do not know if they will have anything to return to, we cannot imagine what that feels like.

In mercy, look down upon those who are driving out through smoke and danger.

We pray for firefighters—we are astounded by their courage, their skill, and their stamina. Keep them safe in extraordinarily dangerous situations. Be with their family and friends, who support them and worry about them.

We pray government officials and emergency planners that they would have wisdom, patience, and calm while all around them there is chaos and uncertainty.

We thank you for communities like Prince George and Kamloops and others that are welcoming evacuees from the fire, give the leaders and citizens of these communities caring hearts, welcoming smiles, and good spirits to show hospitality to the thousands who are arriving on their doorsteps.

God of the weather, we ask for rain with no lightning and cooler weather with no wind.

We bring before you all those connected with the Presbyterian Church’s Cariboo Ministry who are impacted by this fire, and all those Presbyterians who may have the opportunity to show hospitality—let them know that they are loved and prayed for by your church.

In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

—The Rev. Peter Bush, Moderator of the 143rd General Assembly

Update from the Rev. Shannon Bell-Wyminga (Cariboo Region) and Call for Prayer

Friday, July 14

Lay missionary Bruce Wilcox and his wife Jackie have given word that they have been having some good visits and prayer time with some of the folk from their churches in Lac la Hache, McLeese, and Seniors Village in the evacuee centres there. “All of our church folks that have left their homes are safe and doing fine as far as we have been able to determine. Some are with relatives, some are billeted with other families, some are living in RVs and are scattered in many different places including Alberta. God’s Blessings and safety to everyone here and the firefighters, volunteers and especially also the many folks suffering a lot from the smoke inhalation…thank you for continued prayers.”

Monday, July 10

Thank you all for your prayers. Lay missionary Bruce Wilcox and his wife, who pastor the southern house churches and ministry points, have been evacuated twice—once from their home in 108 Mile House, and now from his brother’s home in 100 Mile House. Our other lay missionary Ginny Alexander and her husband Jack are also now under evacuation. The seniors in the residences where we have churches in two communities are also displaced. A number of homes have been lost, but there is no information to say specifically which homes. An entire community was lost in Cache Creek. We cannot get to any of the other house churches in our ministry as the highway is closed in several places. Please continue to pray for protection for people, firefighters and homes from fire and that God will calm the winds and bring rain. Please pray for the safety of the homes of those who have had to evacuate from those who are taking advantage of empty homes to loot and steal.