The Rev. Peter Bush and his wife Debbie have embarked on the Moderator’s trip together, visiting partners of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan. They arrived in Taiwan on Sunday, July 9 and will stay until Thursday, July 20, where they will visit Indigenous communities, theological colleges, and preach and worship in several churches. Throughout their stay they will be accompanied by the Rev. Dr. Paul McLean, his wife Mary Beth, and mission staff with The Bible Society of Taiwan.

Moderator Arrives in Taiwan

Arriving safely on Sunday afternoon, July 9, and greeted by Joyce Shih and Carys Humphreys from the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan Ecumenical Relations Committee. From left: Joyce, Mary Beth and the Rev. Paul McLean, the Moderator Rev. Peter Bush, Carys and Debbie Bush. 

A highlight of the trip is a special worship service on July 11, celebrating the completion of the Ngudradrekai (Drekay) Bible, after more than a decade of work. Numerous congregations of The Presbyterian Church in Canada have supported this significant translation project through donations to Presbyterians Sharing. During the ceremony, the Moderator will present a special plaque from The Presbyterian Church in Canada, giving thanks to God for this great accomplishment.

The Rev. Dr. Paul McLean joined this project in 2012. Read his fascinating blog about the upcoming celebration, the Ngudradrekai people and the history of the Bible translation… “As Ngudradrekai churches grew and became stronger, they expressed the need for the Bible in their own language. In 1988 a team of seven Ngudradrekai pastors, with help from the Bible Society in Taiwan and Young Nak Presbyterian Church in Seoul Korea, started to translate the New Testament. A constant challenge was to figure out how to spell words which had only been spoken before.”

This is the Moderator’s first trip to the country. His wife, Debbie, grew up in Taiwan as the daughter of missionaries, the Rev. James and Joyce Sutherland. The group will visit Taiwan Theological College and Seminary where the Rev. Sutherland taught for many years.

May this trip bless us with new ties with a longstanding church partner.

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