Indigenous People and the PCC: Timeline Poster Now Available

A new timeline poster from Justice Ministries is now available that outlines the historical relationship between The Presbyterian Church in Canada and Indigenous people of our country.

The timeline is from 1866 to 2017, beginning with James Nisbet, the first Presbyterian missionary with Indigenous people in Canada who establishes the mission near what is today Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Milestone dates are portrayed with photographs from the PCC Archives and of special events that have taken place through the decades. Political milestones are also marked that are significant to the building of our relationship, such as when the Canadian Multiculturalism Act was passed in 1988, that set out to recognize and protect the cultural, linguistic and religious diversity of Canada, including the recognition of Aboriginal rights.

PCC-Indigenous Timeline Poster

Aboriginal Sunday is June 18. Order Today!

Order your free poster today via our online order form (under Justice Ministries), or call Parasource directly at 1-800-263-2664. Indigenous People And the PCC: Timeline, Horizontal Poster 9” x 39” (product code 1705071701).

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