It is with a great degree of sadness that I am writing what will be my last Web, Tech & Worship to be published for the Record. I started trying to write this ultimate installment back in October and now I find myself in the shortening days of December. The truth is I’m not great with good-byes, so I’m going to look at this as an “auf Wiedersehen” – until we meet again.

As I’m sure my fellow bloggers will attest, there is much to say and little to be said, all at the same time.

As we stand at this particular crossroad, I find myself grateful. Grateful for The Record’s amazing staff who have helped me to craft this blog – everything from “what should I call it?” to “what should I write about?” Grateful for the equally amazing folks who so loyally read the blog and were sure to send me a note of encouragement. That has helped immensely as all encouragement does.

The opportunity to blog was an outlet for helping folks that were having difficulty with their websites or technical issues. It was also an opportunity to reach many people in the far reaches of the country that I would never have been able to meet on my own. I’ve also met people who I’ve never corresponded with, who on hearing my name say “Oh! You’re the guy who writes that blog for the Record!” And as an added bonus I now recognize names of people I’ve never met who are part of the Presbyterian tapestry in Canada.

The Record’s announcement that it will cease print and online publishing with the December issue has brought a sense of loss but also of new beginnings; of a new adventure around the next bend in the road and maybe a new leading from God above. I believe that this is a time of reflection, prayer and may be just a little excitement about what’s up ahead – an advent even.

So while the sun may be setting on the Record, we can all be assured, especially at Christmas time, that a new dawn awaits.