Throughout The Presbyterian Church in Canada, our prayers are joined with all who react with shock and grief to the Orlando shootings. Our prayers are with the families and friends of the killed and wounded, and with those who feel particularly threatened as a result of this targeted violence.

May such tragedies rouse us to speak on behalf of peace, to renounce hatred and discrimination in all its forms, and to seek to shine the way of Christ brightly in our world. May grace, mercy and peace be with all who suffer fear, pain and loss as a result of this terrible event.

The Rev. Douglas Rollwage
Moderator, 142nd General Assembly

A Prayer in a Time of Violence

Eternal God of loving-kindness,
you hold all situations and souls in your hands;
you are our only hope and comfort in life and in death, and
you are the one to whom we turn in times of trouble.

You sent Christ into the world
that we might have life
and have it abundantly;
he came as the Prince of Peace
to a world that is too often violent and marked by tragedy.

In the face of violence in Orlando and against people in the LGBTQ community,
we come to you in sorrow
for those whose lives are cut short or forever changed;
we come to you in frustration and anger
because of the violence in this world;
we come to you in confession
for we have been too often silent
when we should have spoken up against hatred and bigotry
and too often we have tolerated violence that breaks your heart.

We pray that you
watch over those who are in danger,
comfort those who fear for themselves or loved ones,
gather into your loving arms those who die,
give us wisdom to be voices of peace in moments and places of hatred and fear;
give us courage to be a force for positive change in our communities, workplaces and churches.

In the name of Jesus, in whom all is reconciled;
let understanding overcome prejudices;
let peace overcome violence;
let kindness overcome hatred and suspicion.

And in your grace, let us see the day when guns and all weapons that destroy life
are transformed into instruments of peace and healing.

In the strong name of Jesus, we pray;

(ABC11 Photo/Bradley Baird)