Volunteer Elder Recognition

Do you have an elder or a volunteer in your church who is retiring or resigning after years of continuous service?

Honour your elders and other volunteers with a certificate of recognition.  You can download and print out a copy on special paper and handwrite in the fields, or the PDF fields are fillable if you want to print/type some or all of the text first before printing it. Printed copies on heavy paper are also available to order online, by email or calling 1-800-619-7301 ext. 331.

Please note, from the Book of Forms, 110.10,  the term “elder emeritus” may be bestowed by a session upon an elder who, after a period of faithful service, retires or resigns from the session. (It should only be applied to an elder who is no longer on the constituent roll of that session and will not be re-elected to that session.) On the certificate, you may write in “Name, Elder Emeritus”.

Visit the worship web page to download the Volunteer Recognition, Affirmation, Baptism and Membership Transfer certificates.

Image of arrow pointing downVolunteer Recognition Certificate – Fillable