129 people killed and more than 350 injured in a series of suicide bombings and shootings in Paris, November 13.

43 people killed and more than 239 injured in twin suicide bomb attacks in Beirut, November 12. 

147 killed, mostly students, and more than 79 injured in gun attacks at Garissa University College in Kenya, April 2.

Prayer in Time of Violence







God of loving-kindness,
creator and sustainer of all,
you hold all situations and souls in your hands.

You sent Christ into the world
that we might have life
and have it abundantly;
he came as the Prince of Peace
to a world that is too often tragic and violent.

In the face of violence and terror in Paris, Beirut and Kenya,

We come to you in grief
for those whose lives are cut short or forever changed;
we come to you in sorrow and in anger
at the violence in our streets, schools, workplaces and homes;
we come to you in regret
for complicity in the culture of violence
and in regret for our silence and inaction.

For every person and place we can name, there are hundreds that we do not know. Though little more than statistics to us, we are grateful that they are all known by name by you.

Give us strength to be a comfort for those in loss;
give us wisdom to be voices of peace in moments of chaos, tension, and fear;
and give us courage to be a force for change in our communities.

And in your grace, let us see the day when all means of violence that destroy life
are transformed into instruments of peace and healing.

These things we pray in Jesus’ name.

Prayer in Time of Violence, from presbyterian.ca/worship/#occasional-prayers