What does Christian Zionism mean? How do we as people of faith inform ourselves about Christian Zionism? Perhaps most importantly, how do we challenge it?

Seeking the Peace of Jerusalem: Overcoming Christian Zionism in the Quest for Justice, a conference convening this April in Vancouver, will address the above questions by shining a light on the impacts of Christian Zionism, as well as encouraging and informing resistance to it. Organized jointly by Canadian Friends of Sabeel and a consortium of mainstream Christian denominations, including the Presbyterian Church, the conference will bring together a group of biblical theologians and activists, including Jews, Muslims, Christians and secular people concerned with justice. It will include action workshops on B.D.S (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) and A.C.P (Authentic Christian Pilgrimage) as well as education workshops on the history of Christian Zionism and its local and international impacts.

For more information and to register: www.necefsabeel.ca