Syntax Disciplines ConceptThe PCC Writers’ Style Guide and Web Standards manual is a collection of practices and conventions guiding the writing and design of PCC documents, either for print or electronic distribution. The Style Guide provides uniformity in style and formatting within a document, online, and across multiple documents and platforms. The primary focus is to render a work consistent and ensure good grammar. Any work will benefit from its application, including brochures, announcements and blogs.

A style guide creates and defines the standards for internal and external corporate documents. It serves as a reference tool for everyone. A style guide can help:

  • Cut costs. Potentially, you will spend less time writing, reviewing and correcting documents, and you may avoid spending money on hiring an editor.
  • Save time. The many questions that can pop up with regard to grammar, such as when to use capitalization and the correct use of punctuation, can slow down your work. A style guide will allow you to be more efficient and productive.
  • Avoid mistakes. A strong style guide can help you prevent errors that lead to confusion and frustration.
  • Ensure consistency. A style guide promotes consistency among your many documents. Questions of format and grammar will be answered, allowing you to get on with your work. As well, volunteers and office staff will all be working with the same standards.
  • Maintain professionalism. A style guide ensures you maintain a consistent image and produce high-quality documents.

The PCC Style Guide and Web Standards contains sections on PCC-specific terms, words and spelling. All PCC congregations are encouraged to use the Style Guide and Quick Reference Sheet widely.

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Image of arrow pointing downPCC Style Guide Quick Reference Sheet

For questions about the PCC Style Guide, please contact Barb Summers in the Communications Office at 416-441-1111 ext. 243.