The Women’s Missionary Society Book Room, located at the national office, has been a feature of the building and a tremendous service for the denomination for the past 47 years. Susan Clarke is the present manager. The WMS, at its recent Council Executive meeting, announced that the Book Room will close as of June 30, 2015.

The national office assures all members of The Presbyterian Church in Canada that resources will continue to be distributed and people’s link for resources of the church will remain intact and will continue as a priority for the national church.

The Book Room was established as a department of the WMS in January 1967. The first manager was Mrs. Norma McComb, who was succeeded by Ms. Margaret MacDougall. Mrs. Dorothy Ruddell then became manager, followed by Ms. Trish Heidelbrecht and then by Ms. Susan Clarke on February 1, 2000.

This difficult decision has been taken in part due to the ease with which people can access books through electronic means and through ordering online. The WMS made this decision recognizing that many people cherish this service and have appreciated the excellent service of the Book Room and the Resource Distribution Centre with which it is identified.

The Book Room has been a valued resource with the PCC and the role the WMS has had in supporting it is deeply appreciated. The LMA and the WMS will be working closely together over the next year to ensure that the needs of ministers and congregations for the resources of the church are going to be served seamlessly during the transition and beyond. Ongoing telephone support for orders and enhanced web-based ordering of PCC resources, featured book and resources recommended by the PCC will all be a part of the transitional arrangements.

    The Rev. Sarah Kim
    Executive Director, WMS
    The Rev. Rick Fee
    General Secretary, LMA