Singing a New Song: Report from the Synod of Quebec and Eastern Ontario Conference

/Singing a New Song: Report from the Synod of Quebec and Eastern Ontario Conference

The Synod of Quebec and Eastern Ontario recently held a conference at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Cornwall, Ontario, led by the Rev. Dr. Gary Nelson, President of Tyndale Seminary. The conference was titled “Sing a New Song: Embracing the Mission of God.” Dr. Nelson shared ideas and experiences to help to stimulate conversation about being a church vitally connected to God’s mission in our communities.

Video highlights from the conference:

David Christiani, from the Church of St. Andrew and St. Paul in Montreal, provides a report on the valuable sessions, sharing details from the event as well as posing important questions for congregations to consider.

An excerpt from the report:

[Dr. Nelson’s] aim was not to criticize what we do within our walls from week to week and Sunday to Sunday, but to open us up to the challenge that waits beyond our walls and calls out for a response.

Dr. Nelson defined the current experience of the business and world affairs community in terms of “You thought that globalization was a great thing until you were confronted with other issues.” In this regard, he reminded us of the old saying that “When a window is opened, the fresh air comes in, but so do the bugs!” and went on to demonstrate how, for our present-day Christian church-goers, “It’s not the 50’s anymore.”

By in large, the quality of the preaching is not now a major reason that motivates people to attend church regularly on Sunday, as it had been in the glory days of Edgar Bailey. Society has discovered that there are other more commodious pursuits that tempt us away on Sunday. For instance, more people in Vancouver go sailing on Sunday than the 6% choosing to go to church. In a recent poll, respondents subscribed to the opinion that Christianity presents more questions to them than answers.

The question facing us still today is: “How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?”… The answer seems to be that we should be outward looking and boldly go into that strange land to live out our mission for God.

Download the full report:

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