Specialized Ministries

Action Réfugiés Montréal – Montreal, QC

Bridget, Jesse & MaroAction Réfugiés Montréal works with refugees who are seeking justice and safety in the greater Montreal region. ARM’s knowledgeable and caring staff understands Canada’s complex refugee laws and regulations, and knows how to best support people going through the refugee process.

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ARM serves the refugee community through private sponsorship, helping refugees get permission to come to Canada and providing assistance with orientation and adjustment upon arrival. It helps create a social support system for women through its Twinning Program which matches refugee women with female volunteers, generating friendships and connections through regular meetings.

ARM plays a unique role by visiting people in the Refugee Detention Centre – asylum seekers whose identity is being verified, failed refugee claimants, and immigrants awaiting deportation. Staff provide accurate legal information to detainees, make sure that they are being treated fairly and pay particular attention to vulnerable detainees such as pregnant women and children.

ARM acts as a strong voice for refugees by providing education and advocacy to the broader community. It takes action through letter writing to government bodies and uses the media to connect refugee issues to the larger population.

Presbyterians Sharing supports the work of Action Réfugiés Montréal as it provides assistance to vulnerable people who have already undergone much hardship, promotes justice and helps Canadians learn about the plight of refugees. Through ARM’s outreach, God’s work is done.

Theological Reflection on Christ the King – Action Refugies


Stonegate Community Ecumenical Ministry – Toronto, ON

Stonegate Community Ecumenical Ministry

Stonegate Community Ecumenical Ministry (SCEM) is working to address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of individuals and families living in Etobicoke’s Stonegate community, most of whom are from single-parent, low income households. SCEM is a faithful voice working to ensure that everyone in the community is treated with justice and Christian compassion.

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The ministry’s core clientele are the tenants who live in a low-rise apartment building in the Stonegate community. SCEM serves approximately 15,000 people each year – mostly those from single parent, low income families and new Canadians. It runs an outreach store and a second-hand clothing store, and provides volunteer opportunities, advocacy programs, walk-in counseling, a Women’s Time friendship group, community service partnerships, prayer, an annual gospel concert, food security programs and community development.

Each day, Stonegate Ministry encourages, embraces, cares for and prays for those in its community. Staff witness daily the restoration God brings to people’s lives, renewing their relationship with Him and restoring family relationships. The broken hearts, the destitute, the lonely are touched with God’s redeeming love, and are rediscovering their purpose, through Christ. As staff witness the transformation God is bringing to the Stonegate community, they are encouraged to press on, to fight the good fight alongside the Lord Jesus, always learning from Christ and finding rest along the way.

Presbyterians Sharing provides funds to Stonegate Community Ecumenical Ministry to help them further their mission and action as Christians serving in the community.


Tyndale St-Georges Community Centre

Tyndale St-Georges Community Centre – Montreal, QC

Montreal’s Tyndale St-Georges Community Centre offers empowering, supportive programs and services to the community of Little Burgundy in the south-west part of the city and beyond. The center is a presence in the community, accompanying people through their struggles and successes.

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Tyndale St-Georges is equipping and empowering people who live in a community affected by poverty, violence, addiction, gang involvement and low education levels. Its academic, recreation and leadership programs help people address the root causes of these problems. Homework support, specialized tutoring, computer training, language classes, school advocacy and career mentorship provide education opportunities for people at all levels.Tyndale St-Georges works to fulfill a vision – that every child in the community who enters high school leaves it proudly, diploma in hand; that each newly arrived immigrant finds in Tyndale the tools necessary to become a productive member of Montreal society; that each new parent gets the support needed to nurture the first few crucial years of their newborn’s life; that each citizen eager to work builds a fulfilling career through Tyndale’s employment programs and services.Your gifts to Presbyterians Sharing help Tyndale St-Georges Community Centre empower the thousands of residents who walk through its doors every year: the exuberant children who come for academic help, the promising youth who participate in leadership programs, the newly arrived immigrants who take part in the Retail Sales Training, and the new parents who gather with their little ones for Early Childhood activities providing instruction, education and play.

Boarding Homes Ministry – Toronto, ON

Boarding Homes Ministry

Boarding Homes Ministry brings together church members with the residents of privately-run boarding homes that serve some of the most marginalized people in Toronto. In small group settings and with regular visits, church members are able to experience the friendship, laughter, prayers, holy wisdom and voices of the residents.

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Most boarding home residents bear the weight of severe mental or physical illness. They live in overcrowded, cramped conditions, yet they are witty and hospitable. They are brave and generous. They have borne much in their days, due to illness and isolation, and they know a great deal about life and God-among-us.

The intimate worship services that are shared by church members and residents are small enough for friendships to blossom and spiritual insights to be shared.

Gifts to Presbyterians Sharing allow Boarding Homes Ministry to continue building Christian communities that socialize, pray and worship together, helping to break down the barriers of isolation.

St. David’s Inner City Outreach Ministry  Hamilton, ON

Making Crafts at Discovery Club

St. David’s ministry reaches out through weekly programs to children, youth and families in need in Hamilton’s downtown core. This inner city ministry provides local children with hope for a better future.  It offers a safe space where kids can feel like they are part of a community and find people who will listen to them and treat them as equals.

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This area of Hamilton is bleak. There are no grocery stores, banks or schools.  Many of the families living here do not own a car. There is drug abuse and alcoholism, prostitution, gangs, violence.

Don MacVicar says, “If we weren’t here, if the church wasn’t here, these kids would have no lives. There would be no hope for them.”  Carole adds, “It’s good for people to know that their givings are going to something that’s really worthwhile, and making a life-changing difference in kids’ and their families’ lives. We appreciate that so much.”

Presbyterians Sharing helps St. David’s Inner City Outreach Ministry to provide families in downtown Hamilton with vital social support, meeting their spiritual and physical needs.


Summer BBQ at Evangel HallEvangel Hall – Toronto, ON

For almost 100 years, Toronto’s Evangel Hall Mission (ehm) has worked hard to break the bonds of loneliness, isolation and despair in Toronto’s downtown core. Every day, ehm feeds, clothes, and finds shelter for up to 200 men and women.

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Everyone is welcomed with a warm smile and a kind heart as they take part in the various programs offered by the mission – youth programs, a daily drop-in, men’s and women’s groups, medical and dental clinics, community dinners, and a Sunday worship service.

Presbyterians Sharing supports The Rev. Katherine McCloskey as she serves as chaplain at Evangel Hall Mission in Toronto.  As part of a dynamic EHM team, Katherine helps people through transitions and difficulties in their lives, letting them know that God is with them and loves them.


Flemingdon Gateway Mission – Toronto, ON

After School Club

Flemingdon Gateway Mission is a partnership of church and community that reaches out to children and families in Toronto’s multicultural Flemingdon Park neighbourhood.  Its after-school program provides a safe space where kids can work on homework, spend time with friends and participate in various fun and educational activities.

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This program serves children from Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Iraq, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Sudan and Canada. The Rev. Paulette Brown, the mission’s Executive Director, says, “Our successes are not written on grant applications or on evaluation reports.  They are written on the hearts of our children.”

Presbyterians Sharing is helping Flemingdon Gateway Mission to change children’s lives, for generations to come.


Église St-Luc – Montreal, QC

A Vibrant Community

Église Presbytérienne St-Luc is a francophone Presbyterian presence in the heart of Montreal. This church’s membership is made up of people from many cultures: European, French Canadian, African, Malagasy, Haitian and Cuban, to name a few. They treasure their diversity and make sure that every culture participates in the expression of worship.

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Three Sundays out of four they have a traditional service. The third Sunday of every month is a family worship service where a contemporary and more relaxed format is applied. After the service, worshippers are invited into the church hall to share a potluck meal. This casual context allows for development of community and friendships, and the service has higher attendance than regular Sundays.

Every Thursday, St-Luc runs Les Jeudis de St-Luc (St. Luc’s Thursdays) at the minister’s home. Biblical and spiritual activities take place from many cultural traditions, and include Taizé chants, meditative prayer, Bible study and spiritual and meditative reading of the Bible. The church’s participation in a radio broadcast, ‘Les Chemins Protestants’, allows them to be heard by a broad audience and sometimes draws newcomers to the church.

Presbyterians Sharing supports Église St-Luc as it works to meet the need for spirituality and community among the French Québec society.


Mission St. Paul – Sherbrooke, QC

The congregation at Mission St. Paul is diverse, made up of people from different cultures and of different ages.  They are open, hospitable, and have a desire to learn, live, and share the message of Jesus Christ as taught in the Scriptures.

Mission St. Paul has worked hard to build a congregational identity by developing a mission statement, building a steering committee, and blending worship to include traditional styles, contemporary music and bilingual singing.

They share a common vision with St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church (whose sanctuary they use): to be a church where English and French coexist in an environment of respect and love.

Mission St. Paul is increasing its connections with the nearby Bishop’s University, while growing ecumenical connections with the United Church.

Gifts to Presbyterians Sharing are helping Mission St. Paul to witness to the French community in Sherbrooke, QC.


Saskatoon Native Circle Ministry – Saskatoon, SK

Saskatoon Native Circle Ministry provides a warm and safe place where people in Linda enjoys lunch at Saskatoon Native Circle Ministryinner-city Saskatoon can gather for food, friendship and support. SNCM reaches out to the Native population through culturally sensitive worship services, a healing circle, and crisis and spiritual counselling. Staff work to assist those who are in need physically, spiritually and emotionally.  Their main goal is to establish a relationship of trust and care with street people so that they may feel comfortable enough to attend a church service that includes with Native traditions; a place they can call home and a people they can call family.

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In this way, Saskatoon Native Circle Ministry is bringing people to Christ to receive his love, forgiveness and peace. All people are welcome regardless of background, nation or status in society. SNCM is their place; a place that reaches out with the love of Christ and shows people that the church cares about them.

The Sunday worship service and Healing Circle at SNCM are growing. People who are heavily addicted to drugs and young women who work on the streets are now beginning to get curious about SNCM’s programs and worship service. With a new building and continuing staff and program development, SNCM continues to serve the Native population in downtown Saskatoon.  On their busiest days they see 200 people coming through their doors.

Presbyterians Sharing supports Saskatoon Native Circle Ministry in their vital ministry to people in inner city Saskatoon.


Anamiewigummig (Kenora Fellowship Centre) – Kenora, ON

Anamiewigummig Fellowship Centre
The Kenora Fellowship Centre provides sanctuary and hospitality for those marginalized and alienated by poverty and addiction. It operates as a drop-in centre and works with legal services, detoxification programs, street patrol and other essential services in the community.

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It offers the homeless a twenty-four hour shelter during the winter and other services as needs become apparent.  It also hosts a day-time drop-in centre and soup kitchen.  A weekly worship service that is held on Sunday afternoons sometimes includes a sharing circle, drumming and the sharing of traditional foods.

KFC is working to improve mental health, and places a strong value on the healing and therapeutic properties of the arts.

In the midst of the frustrations and turmoil of mission work, KFC sees hope, healing and reconciliation arise out of the darkness of the cross.

Presbyterians Sharing Anamiewigummig as it reaches out and serves First Nations peoples in Kenora.


Reading togetherWinnipeg Inner City Missions – Winnipeg, MB

Winnipeg Inner City Missions is committed to serving people with a particular focus on those living in downtown Winnipeg. WICM provides a safe, nurturing and peaceful atmosphere where people can begin to achieve their potential. It is committed to helping people find their way to having adequate food, clothing and a safe place to live. It helps people learn how to be listened to and understood, achieve employment and develop physical, emotional, spiritual and social well-being.

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WICM is comprised of Flora House, Anishinabe Fellowship Centre and Place of Hope. From worship services to food banks to programs for the un- and under-employed, WICM serves the Aboriginal community and anyone else in the neighbourhood who seeks out help. All of their programs and professional services are offered free-of-charge.

Place of Hope provides safe, clean housing combined with advocacy, counselling and referral.  Here, individuals find new hope and renewed life as they participate in a First Steps to Employment Project. This project gives people the space, safety and support they need to help grow in their self esteem, to heal beyond past wounds and to launch out into a new life. This ministry is all about setting free the captives and the oppressed.

WICM is also engaged in healing and reconciliation work, as God has called the Church to help people heal from past hurts, to reconcile with God and each other, and to forge a new path forward.

Presbyterians Sharing supports Winnipeg Inner City Missions as it works toward a vision of a restored inner-city community where less advantaged individuals find their own path to healing, reconciliation and wholesome life.


Cariboo Church: Nazko and Area Dakelh Outreach – Cariboo Region, BC

The Nazko and Area Dakelh Outreach is part of the mission work of Cariboo Presbyterian Church in the Dakelh First Nation territory, BC. It is an essential ministry in a region struggling with economic downturn and the ongoing crises of addiction, poverty and despair among many First Nations peoples. It is with the amazing love of Jesus that the ministry team reaches out to the rural and remote people of the Cariboo region.

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In the northern part of BC efforts continue to take on a distinctively First Nations flavour. The house church fellowships and Bible studies in Nazko (Ndazkoh) and Quesnel as well as the satellite ministry in Kluskus (Lhoosk’uz) continue. Another nearby house church in the non-native ranching community of Punchaw meets regularly for worship, fellowship and teaching.

In addition to weekly worship gatherings, there are regular pastoral visits, visits to remote communities, weekly children’s programs at the Nazko Community Centre, Vacation Bible School and a healing ministry.

Presbyterians Sharing supports the Cariboo mission as it works to reveal God’s love to those who live well beyond the reach of the traditional church.


Christmas PerformanceHummingbird Ministries – Vancouver, BC

Hummingbird Ministries is an Aboriginal healing ministry located in the lower mainland of BC.  It is committed to walking with Aboriginal people in their healing journeys and to promote healing and reconciliation between Aboriginal people and the Church.

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Hummingbird Ministries serves children, youth and adults through regular healing circles that help restore hope.  The ministry instills freedom in various ways and justice for Aboriginal people.  It engages youth in sports and healthy alternatives, works with the community in art and celebration, and provides educational and healing workshops, Bible studies, children’s art and music programs.  These ministries help increase understanding of Aboriginal people around issues of ministry, theology and Aboriginal cultures.

Presbyterians Sharing supports Hummingbird Ministries as it reaches out to the Aboriginal population in Richmond, BC, working to establish hope, peace and healing.



Burke Mountain Global Community  Coquitlam, BC

Burke Mountain Global Community is a new English mission church of The Presbyterian Church in Canada. Partnered with Soojung Presbyterian Church in the region of northeast Coquitlam of Vancouver, it seeks to draw together all nations to be a global and multicultural community.


Four key words provide the cornerstones for this ministry: evangelism, youth, multiculturalism and community. Three main outreach ministries are helping to connect the church with its neighbours in the newly developing Burke Mountain community: Gym Nights, evangelical meetings with special guest speakers, and a soup kitchen.

Regular weekly service and prayer meetings are held on Sunday mornings. All people who desire to worship and love God are welcomed.

Presbyterians Sharing supports this new mission as it works to expand their church and reach out to the community.


The Upper Room  Rockland, ON

The Upper Room in Rockland, ON, is an Members of Rockland Extension Charge's Upper Roomextension ministry of Grace Presbyterian Church in Orleans, Ontario. Rockland is a small but growing community that lies 15 minutes east of the City of Ottawa on the Ottawa River. It is increasingly becoming a bedroom community for Ottawa, with many new homes being built and major changes happening to the commercial content of the town.  There are many young families in this area and many are seeking a church connection.  The congregation at Grace Presbyterian Church felt a call to begin mission work in this area, which led to the birth of the Upper Room.

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The Upper Room, which meets in a former bar/dance hall, is developing good relationships with young people and their parents through a youth drop-in program. It hosts a Bible study, offers a Sunday worship service and runs retreats in conjunction with Grace Presbyterian Church.  It also reaches out through various programs, making it visible within the local schools and community.

Gifts to Presbyterians Sharing assist new ministries like The Upper Room as they spread the Good News and serve new, growing communities.


Almanarah Church  London, ON

Almanarah Church is an Arabic Christian Elmwoodministry in London, Ontario. It draws together people from many countries, including Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria.  Both adult and youth attendance are growing. The church began with a small group of Arabic-speaking Christians who met informally to pray and study the Bible together. Their mission was to spread the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the thousands living in London who speak Arabic. In Arabic “Almanarah” translates as lighthouse, and Almanarah Church sees itself as a shining beacon of Christ’s light in the city of London.

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If there is an example of pure energy, the Almanarah kids are it. The goal of Sunday school is for kids to come to know Christ and grow to be good Christians. The sizable youth presence at Almanarah is a clear result of hard work and faith. Youth participate in the vibrant worship services that feature contemporary songs accompanied by a full band. Working with adult leaders, the young people have developed a weekly puppet ministry for the Sunday school. Plays and skits are written, performed using professional puppets, recorded, edited and put on DVD.  They are also posted on the church’s website for kids to enjoy and view anytime they want.  It is exciting to see the youth work with the Sunday school, creating a Christ-like environment in which to grow.

Presbyterians Sharing supports the dedicated congregation at Almanarah as they bring Christ’s message of love, hope and salvation to Arabic and non-Arabic families and individuals in London, ON, and beyond.


Keswick Church – Keswick, ON

Keswick Presbyterian Church is located in HoedownKeswick, Ontario.  After years of worshipping in the Georgina Ice Palace, Keswick Presbyterian now has its own building and space.  They are thrilled to finally hold youth events, meetings, fundraising events, choir and worship team practices in their new church building. But even more, they can welcome new faces to their very own church.

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Keswick Presbyterian Church is slowly growing and becoming more diverse, like the community they serve. They continue to reach out with a free Summer Morning Camp and a Junior and Senior Youth Group. They help a social agency with a “re-gifting” program, and a number of members serve in the community soup kitchen. They support mission work internationally in Africa and raise money for other places and causes that require assistance.  The congregation at Keswick strives to care and nurture their community through small groups, men’s morning out, a women’s getaway, and a vibrant music program.

Presbyterians Sharing supports Keswick Presbyterian Church as it continues its ministry and outreach in a new building.


Knox Church – Neepawa, MB

Knox Church is located in Neepawa, Manitoba.  Knox is a diverse church bringing together new immigrants and experienced Presbyterians who work to understand each other and build community.


Knox holds regularly Sunday services, where worship is conducted in two languages – English and Korean. Sometimes the hymns are sung at the same time in both languages, whichever is most comfortable for the worshipper!

Knox fosters learning and spiritual growth through a discipleship group, women’s bible study, Korean bible study and a youth group for high school and college students.

Presbyterians Sharing supports Knox Church as it grows in faith and continues to build a community that acknowledges and appreciates many different backgrounds.


Band leads congregation at McLeese LakeCariboo Church, BC

Cariboo Presbyterian Church in the south and central portion of the Cariboo-Chilcotin region in British Columbia reaches out with the love of Christ to people in rural and remote areas.  This ministry includes seven house churches ranging from 5-40 people.

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Beyond providing worship services to people who otherwise would be unable to access such ministry, Cariboo Church hosts children’s programs throughout the area including a Friday night kid’s night, a Vacation Bible School, a program for teenage girls and a youth group.  It holds regular coffeehouses and serves people in numerous senior’s residences.

The ministry recognizes that the traditional model of “church with a building” is not practical in a setting such as the Cariboo; but that the church, as the people of God, is called to be present and active in reaching out with Christ’s love to people who live in rural and remote places.

Presbyterians Sharing supports the work of Cariboo Church as it fosters the Church of Jesus Christ in these rural places.


Hosting SuppersSt. Matthews Church and Hardwood Lands Church, NS

The two-point charge of St. Matthews Church and Hardwood Lands Church in Nova Scotia is working together to discern the path of its congregations during a period of transition.  At St.Matthews-Hardwood Lands love for each other is expressed in practical ways through respect, forgiveness, affirmation and compassion.

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This ministry serves the community through regular worship, bible studies, church suppers, teas, congregational breakfasts and Vacation Bible School. Its mission and outreach programs support local, national and international initiatives.

The churches enjoy a mix of fellowship and laughter, blending old-timers and newcomers as one community serving the Lord.

Presbyterians Sharing supports St. Matthews and Hardwood Lands Churches as they continue to discern their path and respond to the call of the Lord in their communities.


Livingstone Presbyterian Church – Montreal, QC

Livingstone church has been serving Worship at Livingstone PresbyterianMontreal’s Park Extension community for over 100 years, sharing the love of Jesus through feeding, caring and preaching the word. It is a diverse congregation and welcomes people from various nationalities, cultures, and background.

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For the past 17 years, Livingstone has prepared and served a monthly community dinner where the word of God was preached. Since October, 2011, Livingstone has expanded its community outreach program to a weekly lunch.

While the lunch might be the main incentive for coming, guests also receive fellowship, warmth and a welcoming environment.  Team members join guests at the tables for the meal and listen to shared stories.  Prayers are offered and gladly received by many.  Connections are made as people get to know one another.

The Tuesday mission is more than preparing and serving a simple lunch.  It caters to spiritual and emotional needs of guests, which are often more urgent than the need for physical food.  Guests look forward to a place where they feel welcome and accepted.

Presbyterians Sharing supports Livingstone Presbyterian Church as it reaches out to is community with the love of Christ.


Nigerian Presbyterian Mission – Toronto, ON

Nigerian Presbyterian Church
Established at the end of 2011, Toronto’s Nigerian Presbyterian Mission is a loving and caring church that conducts services using the Nigerian Presbyterian Church liturgy. Services are held in English, making them accessible to non-Nigerians who may prefer an African style of worship.  The church offers a Sunday worship service and midweek service, Bible studies, men’s and women’s groups, youth fellowship, and prayer meetings.


The church reaches out to the community by helping to integrate Nigerian Presbyterian immigrants into their new lives in Canada, and providing them with a supportive faith community during an often difficult adjustment period.  The church also arranges visits and provides support to the aged in the community.

Presbyterians Sharing supports Nigerian Presbyterian Mission as it works to build a strong, loving congregation that reaches out to Nigerians and non-Nigerians alike.


Sohrae Korean Presbyterian Church – Toronto, ON

Sohrae church was planted in 2002 in order to reach out to the growing Korean population in North York, Ontario.  There are now over 100 members and adherents, including children and youth.

Music plays a very important role during weekly worship.  Hymns are played by various instruments, including piano, violin, cello, flute and bassoon.  Pieces are arranged by the minister.


Sohrae is involved in a very unique community outreach program.  In 2002, Sohrae’s youth group formed the Sohrae Youth Orchestra to play at worship services.  The orchestra has grown to include 55 student volunteers, and has become an independent non-profit organization.  Auditions are open to Korean students, regardless of religion.  While it is no longer directly part of Sohrae church, the church sees the orchestra as an evangelistic mission tool that reaches out to the community through music.  An annual fundraising concert that raises money for local charities has become one of the biggest yearly events in Toronto’s Korean-Canadian community.

Presbyterians Sharing is supporting Sohrae Korean Presbyterian Church in its unique ministry.


Almanarah Mission – Hamilton, ON

Members of Almanarah Church

This Middle Eastern Ministry serves Arabic-speaking people within the Presbytery of Hamilton. It meets for weekly services in the chapel at St. John & St. Andrew PC in Hamilton, and also spends time visiting other cities in the presbytery, teaching, preaching and serving people in need

People from many different countries attend the Sunday service, including Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia.

Presbyterians Sharing is helping Almanarah Mission to reach out to Arabic-speaking people in Hamilton so that they might worship in their own language.