Give a gift with meaning!

The Presbyterian Church in Canada’s Gifts of Change catalogue supports marginalized communities across Canada and around the world.

Not only is giving a gift from our catalogue unique, but you can be sure your gifts will be used to carry out life-changing programs that are responding to the needs of people affected by poverty, hunger, natural disasters and conflict.

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To place an order for print copies of the catalogue, call Church Customer Service at 1-800-263-2664 or email custserv [at] parasource [dot] com. You can also place orders using our online order form.

We have plenty of life-changing gifts to offer:

Sowing the Seeds of Food Security (PWAGR01)
Subsistence farmers in developing countries work hard on small plots of land, struggling to provide food for their families. Your gifts can help farmers learn to improve crops, conserve resources and sell their goods—providing food for today and an income for the future.

From Sickness to Strength (PWHEA01)
Preventable illnesses and inadequate access to health care impact many in the developing world. Your gifts help bring medical care to remote villages, tackle prevalent childhood diseases and empower communities to prevent the spread of HIV.

Empowered to Prosper (PWHR01)
PWS&D works to empower families to meet their basic needs and combat injustices through a shared commitment to human rights. Your gifts will help heal injustices, encourage self-reliance and promote equal opportunity for all.

Starting Life Right (PWMOM01)
Your gifts will empower women to take control of their reproductive health and ensure mothers and their babies receive necessary medical care to survive childbirth and lead healthy, abundant lives.

Sunday School Challenge: Farming for the Future (PWSSC06)
Take part in PWS&D’s Sunday School Challenge and help families have nourishing food for today and for years to come. Your support will provide families with seeds, supplies and training in sustainable, organic farming practices that will increase crop yields, enrich diets and improve nutrition.

A Classroom for Every Child (PWEDU01)
While we often take education for granted, many children in the developing world—especially girls—never have the opportunity to go to school. Education is one of the most critical tools in breaking cycles of poverty. By opening classroom doors, providing necessary supplies and delivering quality training for teachers, your gifts will help children reach their full potential.

Responding to Emergencies (PWEMRG01)
Respond to disasters, war and persecution by providing immediate relief, emotional support and long-term rehabilitation for people in crisis.

The van Mossel Refugee Support Fund (PWREF01)
PWS&D, through gifts to the van Mossel Refugee Support, provides quality accompaniment to congregations that wish to sponsor refugees in Canada and supports refugee rights advocacy organizations overseas.

Make a Bigger Impact Together! (PWGIFT01)
Join with others in your congregation to give a gift with a big impact! The power of giving together allows you to support the development of an entire community.

It is important to note that:

  • Your gift will help our partners carry out the overall goals of the program;
  • Actual costs may vary depending on current and local market conditions;
  • In the event that gifts received exceed project requirements, or if programs or circumstances change, donations will be directed to programs with a similar intent or location.

Send a Gift of Hope card

Make a gift in the name of a friend or family member and we’ll send them a card acknowledging the donation. Your loved ones will be honoured to know that they inspired your generosity. Complete your online donation and fill out the ‘In Tribute’ section, or call the PWS&D office at 1-800-619-7301 ext. 291 and we’ll send them a card on your behalf.