Youth and Children’s Resources

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Engaging youth and children in issues of development and relief is important. PWS&D has resources like Super Friends! and the Sunday School Challenge to help engage youth and kids in fun and interesting ways.

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Welcoming the Stranger: World Refugee Day Worship Resources

by Anna Muir

Monday, June 20 is World Refugee Day. It is a day designated to reflect on the ways we can support the men, women and children across the globe who have been forced from their homes out of fear for their lives and liberty. Facts About Refugees Nearly 60 million people around the world have been […]

Sunday School Challenge: The Power of 50,000

by Karen Bokma

There are many things we need to survive: nutritious food, clean water, clothing, health care and a safe place to live. But in Malawi, many poor families struggle to get what they need. Between 2011 and 2017, PWS&D’s Building Sustainable Livelihoods program* is helping 50,000 Malawians learn the valuable life skills to break cycles of […]

Empowered to Prosper Youth Game

by Karen Bokma

Empowered to Prosper is a multi-player board game designed to help youth understand the complex nature of poverty, and how they can make a difference. Youth will represent families from five developing countries.

Sunday School Challenge Teachers Companion Kit

by Karen Bokma

PWS&D’s new Healthy Babies, Happy Moms Teacher Companion Kit for children grades K-3 and 4-6 provides teachers with ideas and materials for integrating the Sunday School Challenge into their existing church programs. Teach a single lesson for grades 4-6 or a choose from a single lesson or four week series for children grades K-3. The […]

Partners in Hope: Working for Peace in Afghanistan Youth Resource

by Karen Bokma

Afghanistan is a country that brings many different thoughts to mind. It is a country of mystique, beautiful people, challenging and rugged terrain. It is also a country that has been ravaged by war, occupied by foreign nations and torn by internal conflict. The Presbyterian Church in Canada works through partner organizations to find creative […]

Sunday School Challenge: Healthy Babies, Happy Moms

by Karen Bokma

Your support of PWS&D’s Sunday School Challenge “Healthy Babies, Happy Moms” will make lasting improvements to the health of women and children by improving access to health care, training birth attendants and teaching women how to better care for themselves and their children.

Super Friends! Children’s Resource

by Karen Bokma

In the church we are Super Friends! We are friends with other kids in church and with people far away that we might never meet. The Super Friends! children’s resource is a fun magazine designed for kids aged 7-14 and includes games, activities and stories that teach children how they can be friends in the work of PWS&D, while also learning about topics such as emergency relief and climate change.

Growing in Christ Children’s Story

by Karen Bokma

This lesson shares with children how things grow and mature over time with proper care and nurturing.

We also are called to spiritual growth by making efforts to cultivate the gifts of God in us, not only for our own sake, but also to reflect God’s care of others as a natural expression of that growth.

Spending Time with Patience: Board Game and Activity Booklet

by Karen Bokma

This game is designed to invite young people, ages 9 through 14, to consider the choices they face about spending money in today’s world. We meet the realities African young people face through the imaginary character named Patience. Patience is 14 years old and part of a family in Malawi.